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Friday, February 2, 2018

Love, heart, roses...A Valentine this box made...

A simple small heart shaped box to fill in the right stalks of rose buds with your heartfelt wishing card and token gift is not a expensive way to express a Valentine Day...
This box of either black or red, comes in an across dimension of 12cm and a height of 10cm, at S$4.50 each.  Use it to good effect!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Heart shaped box aka Valentine Day

A late entry to post some neat line of heart shaped boxes for those who cherishes giving out presents in such thoughtful heart felt box.
These are available in red and white combination with a textured surface.
There are 5 box sizes are of (1) 42x34x13;  (2) 37x30x11.5;  (3)34x27x10;  (4) 29x24x8.5; and (5)26x22x7cm height.
There are priced at (1)$22; (2)$20; (3)$17; (4)$15; and (5)$13.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Heart, rose, pillow shaped velveted ring boxes for all romeo...

 We have responded to many requests for more choices of ring boxes for the purpose of proposal, engagement or just a gem gift for their sweetie partner. We came across a traditional box factory who still churned these out and we bring them in so that a ring have a nice box to go into instead of the advertised ring box from who's cares jewelery shop...
 We got the prices of these various assorted designs at $9.00 each, although there are some differences in their actual costings.   Some feature if you may have missed it that the heart shaped box does comes with 2 slots for the couple rings instead of one.   I also like the idea to have the rose shaped box with the stalk which can be bundle together with a bouquet of fresh roses which will be given to the receiver... a surprise!!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Shaped boxes for Valentines Day...

Valentines Day is here and we are putting up our heart shaped boxes in unison to the theme of
it...  We hope it is not too late for anyone to make use of  such
boxes even though the day
may be over by 14th Febuary.
Use it for your own love declaration occasion as and when you need!
These boxes comes in 8 sizes of 2 different designs.   We measured these boxes based on its longest horizontal sides, its vertical sides and the depth of the boxes. The measurement are in cm.  There are (1)42 x 31 x 15; (2) 38 x 28 x 14; (3)34 x 25 x 12;  (4)30 x 22 x 11;  (5)26 x 19 x 9; (6)22.5 x 16  x 7.5; (7)18 x 12.5 x 6; and (8)14.5 x 10 x 5cm.   They are priced at (1) $22;  (2) $20;  (3) $16;  (4) $14;  (5) $10;  (6) $8;  (7) $6; and (8) $4.
The above picture gives a close up look at the floral motiffs and the pokka dot of both designs. They are cheery and comtemporary to evokes the living spirit when a love meet a love.  Get them while stocks last for we do not know when these designs will be available again.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pure white heart shaped box with a pinch of pink within.

This is a set of 3 heart shaped boxes which will serve as a good packaging for all your personalised creation of craft or jewellery pieces for your love one.
It comes in ascending size of 11.5cm x 10.5 cm x 5cm;  13 x 11 x 6cm; and 15 x 13 x 7cm height. It is a purity white finishing on the outside and a pastel pink on the inner.  So, it suit most occasion or at least it helps to convey the honesty of the gift. 

This set of 3 heart shaped box will cost S$7 per set.  You can used it 3 times for 3 different occasions for the idol of your moment.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A huge heart shaped box for all sundries...

When I first spotted this heartbox on the factory's shelf, it was sitting on the top shelf because it would have jostled away many smaller boxes's spaces if displayed at the lower shelves.

This box measures 40cm across flat, 32cm across top, and a height of 15cm.

The I-phone placed there in is to give you a perspective dimension that it can stores  about 120 pieces of the i-phones in it.

Lovebirds and couples will use it for ang-pow box or to their romantic keepsakes.

Only limited stock available for the time being... cos the factory is reluctant to produce it as it requires more storage spaces than other boxes.
Have it for your own at S$18.00. each