Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big square black boxes

 We had stopped asking ourselves why...?
We had stopped wondering why...?  We just do it !
People come to us for black color boxes, many of them asked for boxes in black, be it matt or glossy finishes.  So, we had now a big black box that can swallow up these requests and a smaller one for those who cannnot fill up the box with gifts.

The bigger box here measures 25cm x 25cm x 28cm height.
The smaller box measures 20cm x 20cm x 13cm height.
The modest price to pay is S$18,00 and S$12.00 respectively each.  Limited stock availiable as the shipping cost of these alone is high as they do take up alot of space...and charges... right down from shipping, transportation, and storage space charges.
So, those who need it help me to clear them off my space unto your's.
One last note:- even the inner wall are covered in black which also adds to the cost and/or the mysterious look of it.

The bottle of 375ml is to let you have a proportional vision of the big box.