Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A big rectangle box

There is this floral printed white box with black floral motif printed on. It sits 2 bottles of most 750cc wine bottles ( Not for some wine bottles which are designed with longer neck). One can add in some cushioning foam or shredded wood chip to give that vineyard touch. Hope I had not misled you to think these are for wine bottle only. You can put in a pair of shoes, a set of dress and shirt, an array of assorted gifts, teddy bear, fruits, stationary, toys... and the list goes on as long as you need such a big size box to hemp them in.

The next trick is that you go down to the stationary shop and buy a wide band ribbon roll and have this box ribboned up as a gift box. Choose a striking bright colour like blue, red, purple, gold etc to bring out the gift box classical floral look. It does look as grand as a silverware box due to the floral print which stand as a time tested design.

These box come in flat form and one can simply fold it into a box within a minute. Instruction diagram for folding is printed on underside of box. It consist of the bottom main box and a top cover. The formed box is 31cm x 22.5cm x 14.5cm height. It is the most cost effective box in its range considering the stuff one can put in. You can take it for $3.50each. Self collection if you are picking them up yourself. We can arrange delivery for order of 25pcs and above.

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