Thursday, November 26, 2009

Common rectangle boxes for most jewellry pieces...

With the cover opened up, one may see the stunning black foam pads used within... any piece of jewellry will stands out in contrast against this black background.
Have a close look at the textured paper used and the black foam pad within... not forgetting the organsa ribbons adorning the box.              There are 4 sizes availiable and the sizes are as follows:-  #1316 = 16cm x 13xm x 3cm;   #1310 = 13xm x 10cm x 3cm;  #810 = 10cm x 8cm x 3cm;  #058 = 8cm x 5cm x 3cm. The prices are respectively at S$2.50; S$1.80; S$1.20; S$0.80 cents each.        Printing of logo and name on the cover is available at a nominal fee, although a quantity of 300pcs is required for the production to be productively feasible.


Wifey said...

Hi Chong Lai,
Would like to know whether am i allowed to choose the colours for the box and ribbons? And how do you charge for the logo/name printing? Im looking forward to ur reply. Email me back at

yoyo said...

Hi Chong Lai,

Likewise, am interested in the boxes too. Again, how do you charge for the logo/name printing?

Am contactable at

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dora Kimchi said...

Order more can nego price?