Monday, November 2, 2009

Nice long boxes for scarf, belt, 375ml wine bottles and whatever part of...

I had illustrated here that these rectangle long box could be a viable box used to pack many gifts which you could buy but could not find a presentable box to present it to the receiver. I had packed a 185cc wine, a belt, a neck tie in 3 of these boxes. There could be other items that suit the box and the box which suit the gift and the occasions.

These boxes come with a matching coloured ribbons that brings out the uniqueness of a custom made box. It is oblong in shapes and comes in the size of 27cm long by 6cm width and the height depth of 6.5cm. A lots of stuff could fit this box.

It comes at a cost of S$5.00 per box and it is value for money to get a gift well presented. For those who intend to have a bulk order, please consult the author here for a better rate.
The colour choice for now are deep violet, pink, maroon, silver and tan gold. A good range of colour to suit the giver, receiver or the occasions temperament.

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